Muskelwerkstatt Member Area

2020 Q2
Project picture

In the Muskelwerkstatt Trier, Sascha Telen works with his muscle workers on their bodies, their fitness and their performance.

To offer his muscle workers a platform on which they can easily access all important information, documents, tips, training plans, etc. I have developed the More Performance Online Platform.

The online area offers the following functions:

  • Being able to see and track current measured values and goals.
  • Calendar in which you can enter when you are training was.
  • Daily tracker, through which you can track your diet, sleep, exercise and mood every day.
  • View personal documents and training plans.
  • Search and view videos with training exercises, etc.
  • Get in contact with Sascha Telen via a chat.

I developed the web-app in mid-2020. Nils Lauterbach helped with the planning and conception.