Nestwärme KiTa App

2021 Q2
Project picture

The association nestwärme e.V. has an inclusive child flu in Trier and was looking for a way to reach and inform parents digitally in an uncomplicated way and in real time. This is how the Nestwärme KiTa app was created.

The parents use the mobile app, while for the educators I created a web-app which is more practical for them.

The app offers the following functions:

  • News: This is where the entire KiTa is displayed. In addition to text, these can also contain an attachment or link. In addition, messages can (and should) be marked as read after they have been read.
  • Group feed: Group-specific messages are displayed here. These can only be seen by parents of children in the same group.
  • Private feed: Here, educators can write messages directly to parents.
  • Calendar: All upcoming appointments can be viewed on the calendar page. In addition, similar to the messages, a response (participation cancellation) can be sent.
  • Unsubscribe child: On the 'My child' page, parents can send their child for today (until 8:30 a.m.) or the next day (from 4 p.m.) sign out. Delays can also be entered here.

I developed the app in early 2021. Nils Lauterbach helped with the planning and conception.