Web Development

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Web development offers many opportunities to make products more tangible and to better manage data. Web apps are provided via a server and are therefore very flexible. Web applications can be accessed from anywhere and regardless of the operating system and end device.

Looking to expand or improve your business and boost your profitability? A web-app might just be the missing link.

I program platform-independent web apps and use responsive design to ensure that the application works on all devices.


1. Conception

The first step is that we get to know each other. Next, we discuss your wishes and work together to develop a concept and the structure of your web-app.

2. Design Prototype

A web application can only be helpful for you, your employees or your customers if it is clear and user-friendly. I will create a clickable UI/UX design prototype for the web app.

This is important so that you can judge whether the concept is coherent. Furthermore, I can calculate and give an approximation of the costs.

3. Programming

I will start the programming by creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This helps to verify business assumptions and give feedback from the beginning of the development.

During development, we are basically in constant contact. I will present interim results, you can ask questions, given feedback or suggest new features.

4. Testing

The end customer should feel that they are using a well-developed and mature web-app. Therefore, testing is essential.

When the web-app is further developed and mature, then we can put the web-app through its paces. With the feedback, I will give the web-app the finishing touches.

5. Publishing

After the test phase, I show you the finished product. After your official approval, the new web-app goes live.

6. Maintenance & Updates

Even after the app is published, I am available to make sure the app runs smoothly on new OS versions and further improve the app by adding new or improving existing features.


I look forward to hearing from you!

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